CRU’s mission is to provide our customers with outstanding IT customer service.  Our Motto: “Our Goal is to Serve you BETTER”, is what we stand behind. We have a strong commitment to our customer’s business technology needs and providing IT support services to assist them in achieving their business goals.  We look for ways to save our customers money, without diminishing quality and/or service.


CRU’s vision is to take our “Business Model” and promote our services throughout the USA.  We have designed such a unique model of providing IT services, each business can receive dedicated concierge service.  Because of our unique model, we can provide affordable IT services to small businesses.


  • Be “Ethical” in all of business dealings with our customers.

  • Have “Intergity” so we can keep our customers complaint with their polices.

  • Show we are “Reliable”, we do what we say we’re going to do.

  • Being “Patient” with them as we work to resolve their IT issues.

  • Showing “Respect” to all of our customers, because they sign our checks.