Break-n-Fix Support

Break-Fix does what it says on the can.  Basically you wait for your computer system to break, then you get it fixed and you pay for the time taken to fix the problem.

Sounds simple, but there are 3 potential issues with this:

  1. Prevention is cheaper than cure – we all instinctively know this to be true, but it’s hard to put a number to the cost of waiting for things to break.

  2. Cost is open ended – if the problem takes 1 hour to fix then you pay for 1 hour of IT Support.  If it takes 1 day then you pay for 1 day of IT Support.  This makes it difficult to budget for your IT Services and sometimes a bit scary when you get the bill.

  3. No incentive to cure the underlying problem – CRU is supplying a Break-Fix IT Support Service and has no incentive to fix the underlying problem.  Firstly, because you are paying by the hour to get the issue fixed and secondly, if the problem recurs again, CRU will need come back and bill you again.

This service does not come with any IT Management Services: record keeping, server, workstation, firewall or antivirus monitoring, phone support, 24/7 remote support , email support or IT consulting.

Desktop Support $89.00 per hour

Server Support $115.00 per hour